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The Religious Affiliation of
President Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon was the 37th President of the United States.

Richard Nixon previously served as U.S. Vice-President from 1953-61 under Pres. Eisenhower.

Richard Nixon was a Quaker.

Nixon hosted religious services in East Room of White House while he was President.

Numerous books and articles are available which discuss Richard Nixon's religious affiliation as a Quaker. One excellent article is: Chuck Fager's "Richard Nixon and the Quakers", which discusses material in Jonathan Aitken's book Nixon: A Life (Regnery).

From: Piers Anthony (who was himself a Quaker), Bio of an Ogre, Berkley Publishing Group: New York, NY (1988), page 63:

As [George Bernard] Shaw... said: "What a man believes may be ascertained, not form his creed, but form the assumptionson which he habitually acts." So I endorse much of Quakerism, but have no formal participation. Richard Nixon, whom I regard as our nation's first criminal president, professed to be a Quaker; obviously he was something else.
From: Richard N. Ostling (Associated Press), "Old custom: U.S. presidents tangle with their religious denominations", published 9 February 2003, in The Post & Courier (Charleston, South Carolina) (http://charleston.net/stories/020903/rel_09prez.shtml; 6 July 2003 version of page viewed via archive.org on 29 November 2005):
..."It's relatively easy for presidents to get on the outs with their denominations," says Wake Forest University Divinity School Dean Bill J. Leonard. It's hard to find a 20th-century president who didn't butt heads with some in his faith:

...Richard Nixon, a nominal Quaker, was strongly opposed by that pacifist faith over the Vietnam War.

...Ultimately, Southern Methodist University ethicist Robin Lovin says, politicians' moral judgments are influenced far less by today's church pronouncements than by their religious upbringing. The sermons, discussions and Sunday school classes in their home congregations many years ago may be their guide.

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