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The Religious Affiliation of
William Kay Moser
conscientious objector during the Korean War

From: "Church of Christ" article on Wikipedia.com website (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_Christ; viewed 11 October 2005):
Several members of the Churches of Christ have claimed "conscientious objector" status during wartime. This opinion was "mainstream", at least in some circles, in the late 19th century and was the viewpoint frequently published in mainstream Church of Christ publications such as David Lipscomb's Gospel Advocate. This movement lost most of its currency in the Churches of Christ during World War II, and has been fairly uncommon since World War II ?the contemporary Church of Christ is not an historical peace church, but it is still listed as such by the US military for consideration of "conscientious objector" status. Most churches in the UK, consisted overwhelmingly of objectors. One notable post-WWII American conscientious objector is author William Kay Moser, who served two years in prison rather than serve in the Korean War.

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