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The Religious Affiliation of Rock Musician
Nick Mason
drummer for the band Pink Floyd

From: Q magazine Questionnaire, posted on "Pink Floyd & Co. Master Index" (http://www.pinkfloyd-co.com/band/interviews/nbm/nbmquestions.html; viewed 16 December 2005):
Q: Do you believe in God?

NM [Nick Mason]: No I don't, though I quite often wish that I did. I believe in God Dylan.

[This is a rhyming reference to singer/songwriter Bob Dylan, who as a major influence on many musicians, including Nick Mason.]

From: interview with Nick Mason, published March 1973 ("possibly from a French Pink Floyd zine"), posted on "Pink Floyd & Co. Master Index" (http://www.pinkfloyd-co.com/band/interviews/nbm/nbm_frame.html; viewed 16 December 2005):
The following interview was done at the end of March 1973, shortly after Nick Mason returned from his 8th American tour. Nick lives in London, in a simple house he restored. That's where he received us, with sunny morning light flooding his huge living room, at the center of which a magnificent clavichord is displayed...

Q: When did you first used these light-show techniques on stage?

NM [Nick Mason]: At the Bray Small Church Hall, in London, which was then a renown underground hall. They became popular instantly. So we decided we'd always use them. Other bands took the same decision. Then we performed at the Essex University. There, there was this guy that set up a projection system harmonized with the music. Since then we had our own light-show, which was trusted to Jo Cannon. That was the start of the great psychedelic period.

Q: Drugs were a part of the psychedelic movement. What role did they play on the Pink Floyd experience?

NM [Nick Mason]: Almost none. As far as I remember, and at least referring to us, Rick, Roger and me, we didn't take them then. On the other hand, I can't say we weren't drinking much. Latter, things changed, and all of us, together or separately, did the drug experiment.

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