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The Religious Affiliation of Actress
Marion Marshall

From: Stephen M. Silverman, Dancing on the Ceiling: Stanley Donen and His Movies, Alfred A. Knopf: New York (1996), pages 97-98:
While Take Me Out to the Ball Game was in its final preproduction phase, Stanely Donen got married. The date was April 14, 1948, and the bride was Jeanne Coyne, a former New York dancer...

"All of Stanely's wives have been beautiful," said his sister, Carla, in 1994, by which time she was able to have formed an opinion about five different sisters-in-law...

"My brother has been married to every religion under the sun, except Jewish," Davis remarked. Marion Marshall, the second Mrs. Donen, was born a Mormon.

...As for the several other marriages of Donen--to the former Marion Marshall (1952-1959), to Adelle Beatty (1960-1971), to Yvette Mimieux (1972-1982), and to Pamari (Pam) Brden (1990-1994), the writer Peter Stone observed, "Stanley doesn't like being alone." An embroidered pillow on the sofa in Donen's living room reads: "Eat, drink, and re-marry."

Silverman, page 176:
On May 20, 1952, [Stanley] Donen married for a second time; his bride was the Fox starlet Marion Marshall. He was twenty-eight; she was six years younger. Typically for a Beverly Hills marital union, there was a multitude of interconnections. The Donens wed at the home of Marshall's agent, Jules Goldstone, who had also represented Elizabeth Taylor [a previous girlfriend of Donen's]. Marshall had been the companion of the director Howard Hawks, whose wife, the model Nancy "Slim" Hawks, had left Hawks for the agent-producer Leland Hayward, who had been Gene Kelly's agent. Hayward divorced his previous wife, the actress Margaret Sullavan, to marry "Slim." Marion Marshall gave up her career when she married Donen, and they had two sons, Peter, born in 1953, and Joshua, born in 1955.

"Stanley's a very good father, and he loves his sons," professed Pam Donen, Stanley's fifth wife, "but the only thing is, Stanley prefers his children once they're all grown up." Stanley and Marion Donen divorced in 1959, by which time Donen was already living in England and keeping company with Lady Adelle Beatty. Marion Marshall, in 1963, married the actor Robert Wagner, during the period between his two marriages to Natalie Wood; Robert and Marion Wagner divorced in 1971.

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