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The Religious Affiliation of Director
Joseph L. Mankiewicz

From: Philip Kemp, "Joseph L. Mankiewicz" in World Film Directors, Volume One: 1890-1945, ed. by John Wakeman, H. W. Wilson Company: New York (1987), page 714:
...born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennslvania, third and youngest child of Frank (or Franz) and Johanna (Blumenau) Mankiewicz. Both parents were German-Jewish immigrants who met and married in New York. Frank Mankiewicz, a "rip-snorting atheist" with a fervent belief in education, had moved to Wilkes-Barre to take a job as editor of a German-language newspaper...
Kemp, page 716:
Mankiewicz... moved to 20th Century-Fox, where after a final job as producer--Keys of the Kingdom (1944), a stolidly worthy religious piece--he was at long last permitted to direct.
Joseph L. Mankiewicz is listed on the Wikipedia list of "List of Jewish American show business figures" located at:

"Joseph L. Mankiewicz" article on, from Wikipedia (

On his passing in 1993, Joseph Mankiewicz was interred in Saint Matthew's Episcopal Churchyard cemetery, Bedford, New York.


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