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The Religious Affiliation of Actress
Cathy Moriarty

Actress Cathy Moriarty recounts the experience of being cast in Raging Bull. From: Andy Dougan, Untouchable: A Biography of Robert De Niro, Thunder's Mouth Press: New York (1996), page 126:
Looking back on those early days, Cathy Moriarty is still stunned by the whole experience. One regret now is that she never quite appreciated what was happening to her at the time... 'He [Robert De Niro] was an absolute gentleman to me. He was lovely, he was very concerned and caring. You have to consider that at this stage I was only eighteen years old. Here I was, an Irish-Catholic girl being pitched into this situation with these three single Italian men. But Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese were so exceptionally lovely to me and so concerned and so caring that I will always be grateful to them.'

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