The Religious Affiliation of
Brian May
rock star
guitarist for Queen

From: Rick Sky, The Show Must Go On: The Life of Freddie Mercury, Citadel Press/Carol Publishing Group: New York City, NY (1994), pages 174-175:
[Brian] May, who has been the Queen member to most actively pursue a solo career... did [an] interview ten months after Freddie's death, said that even thoug a lot of time had elapsed, it was still hard for the rest of the group to belive he was no longer with them. Said May, "There's a part of us that doesn't Fred's not there yet. It takes a long time to reall adjust and redraw your map. I still expect him to come through the door, especially when I am in the studio. There is still that feeling.

"I'm not a heavily spiritual person, but when I'm in the studio, I can hear Fred saying, 'No, c'mon, you can do better than that,' and that lifts me and makes me work better."


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