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The Religious Affiliation of Science Fiction Writer
Anne McCaffrey

From the biography written by her son (Todd J. McCaffrey. Dragonholder: The Life and Dreams (so far) of Anne McCaffrey. New York: Ballantine (1999), pg. 27.):
Stuart Hall and Anne McCaffrey were not a good fit. A Northerner in a Southern school was a problem in itself; a headstrong Northerner who was also a Catholic was a sure recipe for trouble with the dean of women. While Anne was allowed to attend Mass, she was also required to attend the Episcopalian services in school. She learned more from the padre than she ever had from a priest or a nun and that, coupled with her crisis of faith in a god who would allow small children the horror of total war and incurable disease, started her break with Catholicism.
Pg. 31:
While her father was leaving Agrigento, Anne was leaving Stuart Hall. The McCaffreys are not intimidated by authority and Anne was no exception. Stuart Hall would not let her graduate because she did not have two years of Bible study. So she finished high school back in New Jersey, being shunted from good neighbor to good neighbor, becoming as independent in bearing as she was in inclination.

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