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The Religious Affiliation of
George Lutz
Owner of the Haunted House
Depicted in the Movie The Amityville Horror

Real-life home buyer George Lutz was played by James Brolin in the 1979 movie "The Amityville Horror" and by Ryan Reynolds in the 2005 remake. George's wife, Kathy Lutz, was played by Margot Kidder in 1979, and by Melissa George in 2005. Their children were played by Jesse James, Jimmy Bennett and Chloe Moretz in 2005.

From: Moviehole.net interview with George Lutz, conducted by Clint Morris; posted 7 April 2005 (http://www.moviehole.net/news/5416.html):

In the early hours of the morning on November 13 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr., then aged only 23, took a high powered rifle and shot to death his father Ronald, mother Louise, sisters Dawn and Allison, along with his two younger brothers, Mark and John. A little while later, the family abode was back on the market.

Just a few short days before the release of "The Amityville Horror", CLINT MORRIS catches up with George Lutz, the real-life chap whose life was forever changed when he invested in that same property. There's not a soul that's not familiar with what happened after the murders - thanks to a legion of films using the designate Amityville Horror, including the new remake - but no one knows what really went down in that apparently haunted house of horrors better than Lutz. In this one-on-one chat, Lutz speaks about those infamous 28 days and reveals his feelings about the new film starring Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George...

Question: You had the house blessed, right?

Father Ray was interviewed on camera and in court later and confirmed his being slapped and told to get out and the cold he suddenly experienced there, he had been asked by us to come and bless the house on the day we moved in. A friend of mine that I am grateful to every day, made me promise to have this done when I explained to him what house we had bought. I was a Methodist at the time and did not understand that people did this. Kathy [wife of George Lutz] was Catholic and she helped with the decision to ask for the blessing.

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