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The Religious Affiliation of
Clare Boothe Luce
writer, playwright

From: Ralph Shedegg, "Clare Boothe Luce" article on "Touched by God" website (http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Olympus/4354/luce.html; viewed 26 July 2005):
When [Clare's daughter] Ann was nineteen, Clare and her daughter were in California where Ann was preparing to enroll at Stanford University. On January 9, a Sunday morning, Clare and Ann went for a walk. They passed a small Catholic church and Ann suggested that they go inside. Mass was just beginning and they stayed through to the end. This seemingly casual attendance at Mass took on great significance for Clare. Unknowingly to Clare at the time, it was the first step in her conversion. The next morning Ann left early with a friend to drive from San Francisco to Stanford where they were to register for classes. Clare was to meet then there in the afternoon. Late in the morning, Clare's secretary awakened her screaming, "Wake up! Wake up! Your daughter is dead!" The girls were riding in a convertible and were hit from behind. Ann was thrown from the car, hit her head on a tree and died instantly. In a daze, Clare went down the hill to the little Catholic church where they had been the day before. She tried to pray but discovered that the only prayer she knew was the Our Father. God or religion had never been part of her life. She did not think of herself as an atheist nor an agnostic. She just did not have any kind of a relationship with God. Now, she turned to God, not so much in prayer but rather in resentment asking why this happened... [A lengthy process is described whereby she converted to Catholicism] God had touched her heart and between her two terms as a Congresswoman she became a Catholic... Although she was a public figure, Clare never made a secret of her conversion to Catholicism. She declared openly and with conviction that her discovery of the goodness of God and her acceptance of Catholicism was the turning point of her life.

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