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The Religious Affiliation of
Stephen King
popular horror author

Stephen King: Much of King's work clearly deals with the occult, but it conveys a clear, religious sense of good and evil, and sometimes explicitly acknowledges the existence of God. Conservative Christian writers have called The Stand King's "most Christian" novel, but we are not aware if King considers himself a Christian. (It was made into a television mini-series, filmed in Utah and staring Molly Ringwald.) In an interview King said:
"I don't see myself as God's stenographer. As someone who believes in God, believes that God is a logical out growth of the fact that life fits together as well as it does, but that doesn't mean that we know God's mind... There's been a lot of criticism of the book where they say the God stuff really turns them off. I'm thinking to myself that these guys have no problems with vampires, demons, golems, werewolves and you name it. If you try to bring in a God who can take sardines and crackers and turn it into loaves and fishes, then these people have a problem. I say to myself, if you have a real problem then I'm doing what a novel of suspense and horror is supposed to do, which is to just scratch below the surface and sought of rub your nerves the wrong way."
Paul M. Zahl's article "Stephen King's Redemption" in Christianity Today (February 2000) discusses explicitly Christian themes in many of King's novels and films.

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