The Religious Affiliation of military officer, political candidate
Richard Kline

In 1996 Richard Kline, a Republican, ran unsuccessfully in the race for Missouri's 8th District U.S. Represenative.

From: "Congressional Races - Missouri District 8", in "All Politics" section of website (; viewed 1 December 2005):

Richard Kline (R)
District 8
BORN: Nov. 19, 1939; location NR
FAMILY: Wife, Lucille; four children
RELIGION: Christian
MILITARY: Coast Guard, 1958-80
OCCUPATION: Military officer

A true underdog, Kline is not only an unknown political entity, he's not even on the ballot in the first election for this seat, a special election to complete Bill Emerson's term. Adding insult to electoral injury, the state's two G.O.P. Senators have endorsed Emerson's widow. Still, this prickly individualist, who refuses to divulge his birthplace and educational history because they "are not required by the Constitution," has built a platform around Christianity, a flat tax and prayer, which he will surely need in the second (general) election.


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