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The Religious Affiliation of Director
Gordon Kahn

From: Patrick McGilligan, Fritz Lang: The Nature of the Beast, St. Martin's Press: New York (1997), page 318:
[Fritz] Lang actually dictated the initial outline of the screenplay [The Woman in the Window] to Gordon Kahn, one of those writers who occasionally served as his "ghost," in mid-March of 1945... With Lang and Kahn, it was a rare case of mano-a-monocle. A journalist and prolific writer of mostly "B" pictures, the Hungarian-born Kahn was also known as one of the few people in Hollywood who, like Lang, wore a monocle. "Gordon was small in stature," said fellow screenwriter Ring Lardner, Jr., Kahn's friend... "and he liked to say that without the monocle he was just 'that little Jew writer,' but with it he was 'that little Jew writer with a monocle.'"

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