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The Religious Affiliation of Singer
Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan is a popular American singer. She was born on 23 March 1953) as Yvette Marie Stevens.

Chaka Khan is a Scientologist.

Based on an interview published in The Washington Post, Tilman Hausherr's "Scientology Celebrities FAQ" listed Chaka Khan. From: Tilman Hausherr, scientology celebrities FAQ" of alt.religion.scientology, last updated 1 July 2005 (http://home.snafu.de/tilman/faq-you/celeb.txt; viewed 11 November 2005):

Name: Chaka Khan
Profession: musician
Status [in Scientology]: Purification Rundown
Sources [confirming that she was/is in Scientology]: The Washington Post 14.3.2000 (does not mention Scientology by name, but the article has all the fingerprints of a scientology membership: purif + mega-vitamins, hate against psychiatric drugs)
From: "Rod Keller's alt.religion.scientology Week in Review", Volume 5, Issue 17 - August 6 2000, (http://www.xenu.net/archive/WIR/wir5-17.html; viewed 11 November 2005):
The Cincinnati Enquirer published an article on July 28th, in which singer Chaka Khan described her involvement in Scientology's World Literacy Crusade.

"I'm starting a foundation, the Chaka Khan Foundation,' she explains. 'We deal with women and children in crisis. I'll be launching that in a couple months time. And I teach art classes twice a week in Compton to kids in the World Literacy Crusade and other kids in the neighborhood there.'

"She says that she and Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., are scheduled to meet with Hillary Clinton on a project to bring more arts education into public schools, 'and get Ritalin out of our schools. And we want to build a co-op for women and children for medical care and job training and child care facilities and the whole bit,' she gushes, finally stopping for a breath."

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