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The Religious Affiliation of Talent Agent, Movie Producer
Sam Jaffe

NOTE: This page is about Sam Jaffe the prominent Hollywood talent agent and sometime movie producer. This Sam Jaffe (born 1901, died 2000) is NOT the same person as Sam Jaffe the famous Hollywood actor.

Sam Jaffe's many famous clients as a talent agent include Hollywood actors Peter Lorre and Humphrey Bogart. Sam Jaffe was the producer of Born Free (1966), Damon and Pythias (1962) and The Sullivans (1944). His credits as associate producer include: Ace of Aces (1933); Flaming Gold (1933); Emergency Call (1933); Diplomaniacs (1933); The Vanishing Frontier (1932).

Lauren Bacall wrote about one of her close friends, Mildred, a fellow Jew. From: Lauren Bacall, Now, New York: Alfred A. Knopf (1994), pages 152-154:

Mildred. When we first met I was nineteen, she somewhere in her late thirties. She was the wife of Bogie's [Humphrey Bogart] agent and friend, Sam Jaffe, and she was beautiful, beautiful in a totaly unstereotypical Hollywood way. Long, dark hair parted in the middle and worn in a bun; clear-blue, deep-set eyes; generous mouth; high cheekbones. She was biblical-looking, with a strong face that reflected her love and appeciation of art. In the beginning I thought of Mildred and Sam as Bogie's friends, and as time went on I thoguht of them as ours: good, mutually simpatico, but not intimate. Gradually, witht he birth of my first child, Stephen, Mildred and I grew closer.

...She [Mildred] did not follow the crowd. She was a Jewish mother, passionate about her husbnd and her three daughters. Passionate about her friends, their lives...

The Jewish background is a strong bond. We both had it, though I was less religious than she. She acted both as a contemporary of mine and as my California mother. Without really being aware of it, I found myself depending on her for advice.

Lauren Bacall recalled her close friend Mildred's long marriage to Sam Jaffe, from: Bacall, Now, pages 157-158:
I could never comprehend her [Mildred's] sixty-year marriage to Sam [Jaffe]. How do people stay together that long? Who gives up what? Bogie [Humphrey Bogart] and I were married eleven and a half years, Jason and I for eight. Being a product of divorce, I had never thought a relationship could last beyond five years. The Jaffes' mutual love of family, their shared Judaism, their respect for each other, I suppose those are the things that kept them together. They had rocky times like anyone else, but they stayed together. There have to be times when one or the other wants to take off, see a new face, hae a fresh experience. I'm sure there were such times with Sam and Mildred. But something was strong enough to keep them from doing that. They were lucky. They loved each other.

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