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The Religious Affiliation of Rock Musician
Mick Jones
of The Clash

Mick Jones was Jewish.

From: "The Clash" article on "The Challah Fame: Who's Who in Jewish Rock" website (http://www.jewsrock.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=challah.view&page=C; viewed 23 November 2005):

Lest you think there was a single band in the heyday of punk that was entirely Jew-free, we present for your consideration Mick Jones of the Clash. Jones grew up in a working-class household in Brixton, the son of a Jewish mother whose own mother was a Russian refugee. True, he played in a hard rock band called the London SS - ah youth - but the named changed with the addition of a few new members, including a belligerent young fellow named Joe Strummer. After a stint supporting the Sex Pistols on the famous Anarchy Tour, the band released a self-titled album (cover photo taken by friend and great Jewish rock photographer Kate Simon). It hit number 12 on the British charts and was declared unfit for radio play in the US - a double punk coup. By 1979's Give 'Em Enough Rope, the band members had simultaneously developed social consciousnesses and impressive arrest records. It wasn't a huge hit, but the band released London Calling that same year, debuting at number one on the British charts, hitting 27 in the US, and forever earning themselves a place in the rock pantheon. 1983's Combat Rock was even more successful, but that fall, Mick Jones was fired from the band. He went on to form Big Audio Dynamite; the Clash went on to release one more, very mediocre LP and then disbanded.

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