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The Religious Affiliation of
Andrew Johnson
U.S. President

Some sources refer to Andrew Johnson having Baptist parents. Of all U.S. presidents, however, many historians consider Johnson the least religious, and the president who was least affiliated with any religious group or identifiable religious philosophy.

While President, Andrew Johnson sometimes attended St. Patrick's Catholic church. Although he identified himself as a Christian, Johnson is not known to have ever been an offcial member of any church.

From: "List of U.S. Presidential religious affiliations" on Wikipedia website (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._Presidents_by_religious_affiliation; viewed 30 November 2005):
Andrew Johnson... accompanied his wife Eliza McCardle Johnson to Methodist services sometimes, belonged to no church himself, and sometimes attended Catholic services -- remarking favorably there was no reserved seating. Accused of being an infidel, he replied: "As for my religion, it is the doctrine of the Bible, as taught and practiced by Jesus Christ." (See The Age of Hate, 1930, by G.F. Milton, p. 80.)
From: John T. Marck, "Andrew Johnson" article on "About Famous People" website (http://www.aboutfamouspeople.com/article1109.html; viewed 30 November 2005):
Religion: No specific denomination, however admired the Baptist principles of church government.
From: "Andrew Johnson" article on "American President" website, © The Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia (http://www.americanpresident.org/history/andrewjohnson/biography/printable.html; viewed 30 November 2005):
...Johnson attacked anti-Catholic prejudice and championed religious freedom but filled his own political speeches with vile racist language against blacks.

...He was not a religious man, although he sometimes attended Methodist services with his wife. He liked best the Baptist faith because of its democratic structure. But he also admired Catholic services because all Catholics had equal access to church pews regardless of their money.

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