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The Religious Affiliation of Radio Broadcaster, Political Candidate
James Harsdorf

In 1996 Wisconsin politician James Harsdorf ran unsuccessfully as the Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin's 3rd District.

From: "Congressional Races - Wisconsin District 3", in "All Politics" section of CNN.com website (http://cgi.cnn.com/ALLPOLITICS/1996/candidates/election.guide/text/WI03.shtml; viewed 1 December 2005):

James Harsdorf (R)
District 3 (West--Eau Claire; La Crosse)
BORN: Nov. 7, 1950, Stillwater, Minn.
EDUCATION: U of Minnesota, B.S., 1973
FAMILY: Wife, Lanette; four children
RELIGION: First Covenant Church
OCCUPATION: Dairy farmer
POLITICAL CAREER: Wisconsin Assembly, 1977-81, Senate, 1981-89

After a self-imposed eight-year hiatus, Harsdorf is back, spreading the conservative gospel from the back of his "campaign cattle trailer." He supports a "targeted" capital-gains-tax cut and a family-farm tax credit, and proposes harsh measures for criminals, including a 48-hour work week for prisoners. Harsdorf hopes to capitalize on the momentum of his retiring 16-year G.O.P. predecessor and drive his trailer all the way to Washington.

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