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The Religious Affiliation of Playwright, Screenwriter
John Guare

John Guare is an acclaimed American playwright. He has written the screenplay adaptations for the film versions of his plays Six Degrees of Separation (starring Will Smith in the movie version) and The House of Blue Leaves (which became a TV movie starring Ben Stiller). Guare's screenplay for Atlantic City was nominated for an Academy Award.

While talking with fellow entertainers John Belushi, Louis Malle and John Guare, Aykroyd observed that he, Malle and Guare (as well as Adele Guare) had all been raised as Catholics. Malle and Guare both attended Jesuit schools. Adele Guare had gone to Catholic school. Aykroyd said they were all "fallen Catholics." [Source: Bob Woodward, Wired: The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi, Simon and Schuster: New York (1984), page 226.]

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