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The Religious Affiliation of British Prime Minister
David Lloyd George

British prime minister David Lloyd George was raised in the Stone-Campbell religious body known as the "Church of Christ (Disciples of Christ)."

David Lloyd George was not a Baptist, but he had strong Baptist family roots. His grandfather David Lloyd and his uncle Richard Lloyd were Baptist ministers.

From: "David Lloyd George" page on "Britain Un-Limited" website (http://www.britainunlimited.com/Biogs/LloydGeorge.htm; viewed 27 October 2005):

Date and Place of Birth: 17th January 1863, Manchester, England.

Family Background: Son of William George a Welsh Headmaster of a Manchester Elementary School. His mother was the daughter of David Lloyd a Baptist minister.

1865: Death of his father. He and his mother moved to Llanystumdwy near Cricieth in Gwynedd, North Wales and lived with his uncle Richard Lloyd a shoemaker and baptist Minister.

From: "David Lloyd George (1916-22)" article on www.britain.tv website (http://www.britain.tv/ukpolitics_prime_ministers_david_lloyd_george.shtml; viewed 27 October 2005):
David Lloyd George was born in 1863. The Lloyd family were staunchly Nonconformist and his early years were marked by a heavy involvement in the Disciples of Christ Chapel.
From: "David Lloyd George" page on Spartacus Educational website (http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/PRgeorge.htm; viewed 27 October 2005):
David Lloyd George, the son of William George and Elizabeth Lloyd, was born in Manchester on 17th January, 1863. David's father, a schoolmaster, died a year after he was born and his mother took her two children to live with her brother, Richard Lloyd, a shoemaker in Llanystumdwy, Caernarvonshire. The Lloyd family were staunch Nonconformists and worshipped at the Disciples of Christ Chapel in Criccieth. Richard Lloyd was Welsh-speaking and deeply resented English dominance over Wales...

In 1888 [David] Lloyd George married Margaret Owen, the daughter of a prosperous farmer. He remained an active member of the Disciples of Christ Chapel and it was during his church work that he gained his early training as an orator. Lloyd George developed a reputation as a fiery preacher and was often asked to speak at Temperance Society meetings in Wales.

Lloyd George joined the local Liberal Party and became an alderman on the Caernarvon County Council. He also took part in several political campaigns including one that attempted to bring an end to church tithes.

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