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The Religious Affiliation of Actress
Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow is a Catholic, although not necessarily a practicing congregant. When Roman Polanski knew Farrow, at which time she began dating Peter Sellers, Farrow shared Sellers' immense interest in all sorts of New Age spiritual trends.

Along with the Beatles, Mia Farrow was one of the most famous adherents of Transcendental Meditation.

From: Roman Polanski, Roman by Polanski, William Morrow and Company: New York City (1984), pages 286-287:

It was through us that [Peter Sellers] met Mia Farrow--a true soulmate if ever there was one. Like her, Peter was heavily into the whole range of crackpot folklore that flourished in the 1960's, from UFOs through astorlogy to extrasensory perception. They both liked dressing up as rich hippies, complete with beads, chunky costume jewelry, and Indian cotton caftans.

Lovable though he was in many ways, Peter's idiosyncrasies could be a drag. Just as, on the set, he would walk off if anyone appeared wearing purple, an "unlucky" color, so he would walk out of restaurants if he picked up "bad vibes." To my embarrassment, this often happened at The Luau. I grew to dread the moment when, after ordering, Peter would whisper, "Ro, I can't stand it . . . bad vibes in here . . . let's go somewhere else."

From: Roman Polanski, Roman by Polanski, pages 291-292:
It was around this time that Mia [Farrow] and Peter Sellers started their romance, and the four of us [Farrow, Sellers, plus Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate] saw a lot of each other. We spent one weekend at Joshua Tree, a spectacular stretch of desert near Palm Springs. Because of its reputation for UFO sightings, it was much in vogue. After smoking some grass one evening, Mia and Peter wandered off into the desert, hand in hand. I picked up a stick and tiptoed after them.

They were deeply engrossed in a mystical dialogue about the stars, the infinite, and the likelihood of extraterrestrial life. I decided to enrich their experience and threw my stick high in the air so it landed at their feet--a real-life manifestation of the inexplicable.

"Did you hear that?" I hear Peter whisper in awe.

"What was it?" Mia whispered back.

"I don't know, but it was fantastic. Fantastic!"

At this point they found the stick that testified to the presence of the supernatural in a treeless, uninhabited desert.

"We've got to tell Roman and Sharon," Peter said. "They'll never believe this."

I scurried on ahead through the darkness, back to the motel where were were staying, and got there just in time to fill Sharon in. When they arrived, panting, at our door, we both expressed suitable wonder.

At the time of the premiere of Rosemary's Baby, from: Roman by Polanski, page 294:
As for Peter and Mia, they were in the heyday of their Indian period, all beads and chains and billowing muslin.

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