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The Religious Affiliation of Actress
Kim Fields

Kim Fields is an actress who starred in two successful sitcoms: The Facts of Life and Living Single.

Kim Fields and her mother attended a Seventh-day Adventist church in New York, but the actress is no longer active in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination.

Fields has reportedly called herself a "born-again Christian."

Fields attended Pepperdine University, where she minored in religion. Pepperdine is affiliated with the Stone-Campbell fellowship known as the Churches of Christ. She reportedly attended an Evangelical and/or Baptist church while at Pepperdine.

From: Tom Olbricht, "RE: Brandy Norwood", posted 16 January 1997 on the "Stone-Campbell Archives" website (http://www.bible.acu.edu/s-c/?Bookmark=14099; viewed 19 October 2005):

I may also be permitted to mention, though I think I posted this previously, that Kim Fields, who was in the program "Facts of Life" is a Pepperdine graduate, and was a religion minor. I had her in an Old Testament Theology class. She at least was quite religious in some sort of an evangelical Baptist church. She occasionally spoke to church groups and probably still does so. She is also in some sitcom, the name of which I have forgotten. As I recall it centers about 4 African-American young women.


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