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The Religious Affiliation of Screenwriter
Antwone Fisher

From: Catherine M. Barsotti and Robert K. Johnston, Finding God in the Movies: 33 Films of Reel Faith, Baker Books: Grand Rapids, Michigan (2004), pages 202-203:
The film Antwone Fisher was written by and about the real Antwone Fisher. His life story basically follows the film, and he credits the Navy for helping him dealing with his past hurts and anger. It wasn't until he was working as one of the guards at the main gate of Sony studios that he began writing his life story. One day a limousine chauffeur asked him what he was doing. When he explained, the man told him that they were offering a free screenwriting course at the Bethel AME Church [African Methodist Episcopal Church] in South Central Lost Angeles. Antwone took the class from Chris Smith and began writing longhand on yellow legal pads. Chris mentioned to his old college roommate, producer Todd Black, that one of his students had an incredible story. Todd met Antwone and heard his story. He gave Antwone an office and a typewriter, taught him how to use it, and paid him to write full-time on his screenplay... Forty-one drafts (typed with two fingers) and a year later, they had a screenplay, and Fox bought it. Antwone credits his writing of the screenplay and working with Todd as part of his healing.

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