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The Religious Affiliation of
Doris Day
great American actress

From: "Star of the Month: Doris Day" from "Reel to Real: Movies and movie makers" (http://www.activityconnection.com/MembersOnly/April2004/pdf/reeltorealpage.pdf; viewed 5 July 2005):
The real Doris Day is not the movie star. She is a shy woman who enjoys the outdoors, walking along the beach, spending time with her family and friends, rescuing stray animals, and promoting animal rights and welfare. The Doris Day Pet Foundation finds homes for unloved animals and promotes neutering and spaying. She and her son purchased The Cypress Inn in Carmel, CA, her hometown, where pets are not only allowed, but are encouraged. Doris rarely travels and has stated, "I don't like to travel. I think people who travel have a restlessness and I'm not restless." For Doris Day, who has worked so hard since she was a teenager, these are the best of times. As a devout Christian Scientist, she follows the edict of "Gratitude is riches -- complaint is poverty." She is proud of her Hollywood legacy and is particularly fond of the comedies she did. Making her audience happy has always meant a lot to Doris...

Bio Bullets

...Doris turned down a million dollars to do a diet commercial because she felt it wouldn't be honest - she had never had a weight problem and had never used the product.

Doris turned down the role of Mrs. Robinson in the movie "The Graduate" in 1967 because she said it offended her values.

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