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The Religious Affiliation of Movie Producer
Dino de Laurentiis

From: Axel Madsen, John Huston: A Biography, Doubleday and Company: Garden City, New York (1978), page 195:
In Rome, Dino de Laurentiis announced that [John] Huston would be one of four directors directing his upcoming production of The Bible. The producer said the film would run eleven hours, then extended his plans and talked of two films, each running six hours, on a $90-million budget. "This will cancel out all other films ever done on the Bible, "the ebullient Roman enthused. "Orson Welles will direct the Abraham and Isaac sequence, Robert Bresson will direct the Creation, Federico Fellini will direct the Flood, Luchino Visconti will direct the scene of Josph and his Brethren and John Huston will have the responsibility of giving the entire project cohesion and continuity. Maria Callas will be Sarah, Mother of the Jews, and Sir Laurence Olivier will be God. Igor Stravinsky will write the music. It will be fantastic!"

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