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The Religious Affiliation of Actor, Preacher
Clifton Davis

Clifton Davis is a Seventh-day Adventist actor and preacher. Clifton Davis hosts television shows for hosts TV shows for Trinity Broadcasting Corp.

Davis is the host for the Adventist program called "Lifestyle Magazine": http://www.lifestyle.org/hosts.php

From: Peter Dobrin, "Mayor planning to bring the arts millions" in The Philadelphia Inquirer, 3 February 2005 (http://www.philly.com/mld/philly/entertainment/columnists/peter_dobrin/10803342.htm):

The mayor would like to name "an individual or individuals" to head the arts initiative, said a Street spokesman, either on a volunteer or paid basis. Among those Street has spoken with about the job is Clifton Davis, the actor (who appeared in the '80s sitcom Amen) and Baptist minister who hosts TV shows for Trinity Broadcasting Corp.
It seems that The Philadelphia Inquirer and other sources which have identified Davis as a Baptist are in error. A number of readers of this website have written to state that Davis is still an Adventist (not a Baptist), and have provided references to sources backing this up. The Adventist Review of 2002,›identifies Clifton Davis still as an Adventist (http://www.adventistreview.org/2002-1552/story5.html):
Program host Clifton Davis presented the three dramatic readings with language focusing directly on God's love for each person. An Adventist who has served both as a pastor and television star, Davis' words and engaging smile gave new meaning to Creation, Jesus' birth, and the future glories of heaven.

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