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The Religious Affiliation of Legendary Singer
Bob Dylan

See: Garrison, Becky, "All Along Dylan's Watchtower." The Door Magazine, September/October 2004, pp. 19-20.

From: "Bob Dylan" article on "The Challah Fame: Who's Who in Jewish Rock" website (http://www.jewsrock.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=challah.view&page=D; viewed 23 November 2005):

Perhaps the single most famous Jew in rock, Bob Dylan is a self-made enigma. Born Robert Zimmerman in 1941, Dylan began fabricating an image for himself from his first performances at the University of Minnesota, taking his new last name from the poet Dylan Thomas. Upon his arrival in New York in 1961, he became a staple of the Greenwich Village folk scene with his signature twisty, evocative lyrics and developing political sensibilities, all set to a classically folky acoustic backing. 1962's The Freewheeling Bob Dylan went to number twenty-three on the charts and introduced Dylan to the world outside of New York. In 1965, Dylan famously shocked his fans with an electric set at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965, after releasing the partly electric Bringing It All Back Home. As the title of the famous documentary about him suggests, he never looked back, releasing literally dozens of albums of both electric and acoustic folk-rock throughout the rest of his career. A mysterious period in the late seventies saw Dylan's conversion to Christianity, but he was back to the Jewish faith by 1983. For more about Bob Dylan, see Talkin' Hava Nagliah Blues, A Night in the Life and Subterranean Homeland Blues.

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