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The Religious Affiliation of
Roger Corman
influential director and producer

From: Richard A. Blake, S.J. (a Jesuit), "Finding God at the Movies ... And why Catholic churches produce Catholic Filmmakers", website: Woodstock Theological Center (http://www.georgetown.edu/centers/woodstock/report/r-fea79a.htm):
To an astounding extent that I had never suspected until I started to look into the matter, the movies are really a Catholic medium... Catholics have been... over-represented in the creative side. Think of some of the key filmmakers that even casual film audiences know by name: Hitchcock, John Ford, Frank Capra, Scorsese and Coppola, Leo McCarey, Robert Altman, Michael Cimino, and the master of teen-age horror films Roger Corman.
Roger Corman was half Jewish. [Source: RHA Epstein "Jewish Actors and Directors" on "Cine-Rhama" website (http://www.cinerhama.com/jewish/actors.html; viewed 5 July 2005)]

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