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The Religious Affiliation of U.S. Congressman
Rep. Mike Conaway

Mike Conaway, a Republican and a Southern Baptist, is a U.S. Representative from Texas who represents the 11th Congressional). This district includes Odessa, Midland, San Angelo, and Brownwood.

From: "Meet the Freshmen" page (welcoming the Freshmen Class of 2004), on "National Republican Congressional Committee" website (http://nrcc.org/nrcc_contents/freshmen/; viewed 4 November 2005):

An ordained deacon in the Baptist Church, Conaway and his wife Suzanne have four children and four grandchildren. They attend First Baptist Church in Midland [in Texas].
Conaway's church is part of the Southern Baptist Convention. From this congregation's official website at: http://www.fbc-midland.org/aboutus/baptist.html (viewed 4 November 2005):
...we voluntarily associate with our sister Southern Baptist Churches in Midland County as a part of Midland Baptist Association. This enhances the witness, training opportunities and fellowship of those cooperating churches. We are voluntarily aligned with the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Southern Baptist Convention. Though the leadership of neither of those bodies speaks for us, our voluntary association provides an avenue for us to join hands with our sister Baptist churches to greatly expand our collective involvement in Christ's Great Commission...

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