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The Religious Affiliation of Director
Michael Curtiz

From: Philip Kemp, "Michael Curtiz (Mihaly Kertesz)" in World Film Directors, Volume One: 1890-1945, ed. by John Wakeman, H. W. Wilson Company: New York (1987), page 172:
...was born in Budapest, Hungary, of Jewish parentage...
Kemp, pages 173-174:
[Curtiz's] own reputation... was established by his De Mille-style biblical spectaculars, notably Sodom und Gomorrha (1922) and Die Sklavenkonigin (Moon of Israel, 1942), with their cannily commercial mixture of sexual display and moral deprecation. Sodom und Gomorrha, though at the time the most expensive film ever made in Austria, more than recouped its cost... Warners... decided to sign Curtiz for their planned superproduction, Noah's Ark--a film intended to beat De Mille at his own game... In 1926, when Curtiz arrived in Hollywood, Warner Brothers was still a small and financially shaky studio... Kertesz now became Curtiz; but before letting their newly-christened director loose on Noah's Ark, the studio cautiously assigned him to a batch of programmers, beginning with a melodrama... Noah's Ark (1929)... achieved a substantial box-office success, evenif it failed to eclipse De Mille...

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