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The Religious Affiliation of Director
Merian C. Cooper

From: John Wakeman (editor), "Merian C. Cooper" in World Film Directors, Volume One: 1890-1945, H. W. Wilson Company: New York (1987), pages 147-151:
...(October 24, 1893 - April 21, 1973), American director and producer, was born in Jacksonville, Florida, the youngest of the three children of John C. Cooper and the former Mary Coldwell. His father... was descended from Scotch-English cotton planters, and Merian Cooper was raised in the traditions of Southern chivalry, patriotism, and religious certainty...

[page 151] "Cooper was no faceless studio executive or colorless technical innovator," wrote Ron Haver. "His personality was distinct," wrote Ron Haver. "His personality was distinct, a blend of the culture and traditions of the South, where he was born and raised; the more aggressive and pragmatic North, where he was educated; his reading of romantic writers such as Kipling, Harte, London, and Haggard; and the works of Shakespeare and the Bible, a book he read every day.

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