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The Religious Affiliation of Author, Artist, Screenwriter
Julia Cameron

From: Les Keyser, Martin Scorsese, Twayne Publishers: New York (1992), page 188:
Domenica Scorsese's aspirations to a film career were nourished by Scorsese's ex-wife and film-journalist-turned-screenwriter, Julia Cameron, who featured Domenica Cameron-Scorsese as Victoria Potter in her well-received first feature, God's Will, which premiered as the opening-night selection in San Francisco's "On Screen" women's film festival. The comedy, based on the Cameron-Scorsese marriage and divorce, lampoons a divorced, self-centered show business couple who die unexpectedly and end up fighting in heaven over what will happen to their daughter. Their appeals go to a female God, who consistently spouts feminist rhetoric and renders feminist judgments. No doubt God's Will embodied wish fulfillment for many lingering injuries Cameron felt. Her acrimonious divorce from Scorsese had divided their many friends into warring camps, as Cameron publicly assailed Scorsese for his blatantly adulterous liason with Liza Minneli, for his self-indulgent and ludicrously expensive drug habit, and for his using "every opportunity to make me beg and plead for money to support our child."

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