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The Religious Affiliation of
Bing Crosby
great American actor and singer

From: Susan Sackett, The Hollywood Reporter Book of Box Office Hits, Billboard Publications: New York City (1990), pages 48-49:
His full name was Charles Francis Patrick O'Malley. He was the kindest, singingest priest ever to grace the screen. And sing he did. One of the decade's best songs (and a number-one hit at that) came from Going My Way [directed by Leo McCarey], a catchy tune called "Swinging on a Star." It won a well-deserved Oscar... Bing Crosby... came into his own as an actor with Going My Way. Although both Spencer Tracy and James Cagney were approached to play the part, neither was available. It was then that director Leo McCarey decided to offer Bing his first dramatic role. He seemed to be born to the part. According to his brother Bob, interviewed for a 1989 PBS television special, "He played Bing Crosby, 'cause he went to Jesuit school all his life." It was a role that Bing embraced with his whole life, embodying the values he had grown up with, his deep religious conviction, his innate Irish charm--all combining to make his Academy Award performance an American classic.

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