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The Religious Affiliation of
President William Jefferson Clinton
(Pres. Bill Clinton)

Bill Clinton: Although a Southern Baptist, many in the SBC take issue with Pres. Clinton on a variety of matters. At the 1999 Southern Baptist annual convention (Atlanta, GA), formal resolutions were passed condemning recent actions by the president, including his declaration of June as "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month" and the appointment of James Hormel (a homosexual) as the ambassador to Luxembourg. Resolutions calling for his home church in Little Rock to initiate formal church discipline against him were ruled out of order. The SBC also voted (1994) to applaud statements by Mother Theresa (a Catholic) which rebuked Pres. Clinton for his pro-abortion stance. Albert Mohler has written a lengthy article about Clinton's status as a Baptist: "Bill's Baptist Buddies". See also: Clinton the Baptist - Sex, Sin and Salvation.

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