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The Religious Affiliation of
Sam Brownback
U.S. Senator from Kansas

Sam Brownback, a Republican U.S. Senator from Kansas, converted from Methodism to Catholicism while in office.

From: Chris Suellentrop, "The Rev. John McCloskey: The Catholic Church's K Street lobbyist", posted 9 August 2002 on Slate.com (http://slate.msn.com/id/2069194/; viewed 24 October 2004):

In late July, a tiny item in the Washington Post announced some surprising news: Sen. Sam Brownback, a Kansas Republican and former United Methodist best known for his opposition to cloning, converted to Catholicism on June 27. But just as notable as Brownback's conversion was the man who performed it, the Rev. John McCloskey. Brownback is the third political celebrity to convert to Catholicism under McCloskey's guidance... The priest, who operates out of Washington's Catholic Information Center a couple of blocks from the White House, has made himself a spiritual K Street lobbyist.

What's he lobbying for? Souls, but also the soul of the Catholic Church... It's a two-pronged strategy: Bring in conservative evangelical Protestants like Brownback while at the same time casting out liberal Catholics of all stripes...

"Hey, it's a big church, there's plenty of room for them," says Michael Sean Winters, who writes about Catholicism for the New Republic and other publications. "I only wish that they would feel that way." Winters is right: The problem isn't that McCloskey is conservative or that he wants to bring in conservatives like Brownback. It's that he wants to throw everyone else out.

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