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The Religious Affiliation of Chemist, Scientist
Milton Brown

Dr. Milton Brown's official webpage at the University of Virginia is at:

Excerpt from program notes for "General Young Conference 2004: Carry the Light", a major event sponsored by and for Seventh-day Adventists, featuring inspirational Seventh-day Adventist speakers (http://generalyouthconference.org/article.php?id=42; viewed 20 July 2005):

Health Evangelism - By the Ron & Nancy Rockey, Ph.D.s, Counseling Psychologist, Faith for Today; Dr. John Chung, Dermatologist and Medical Evangelist, Georgia; Dr. Milton Brown, Assistant Professor in Chemistry & Research Assistant Professor in Neurology, University of Virginia

...Milton Brown, a native of Baltimore, MD, received his batchelor's degree from Oakwood College in 1987, a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Alabama, and a M.D. from the University of Virginia, where he currently serves as an associate professor of Chemistry and principal investigator for various NIH funded research projects. He has published in numerous prestigious academic journals as well as receiving awards in research and teaching. He shares his convictions as an Adventist witneesing in secular medical insitutions.

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