The Religious Affiliation of Singer
Lance Bass
a member of the boy band N'SYNC

From: "Larry King Live [Transcript]: 'N Sync Discusses Their Rise to Stardom", aired 9 January 2001 (; viewed 1 November 2005):
LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, they are huge! And they are here! Who is going to be talking to these guys? It's going to be me! And who is going to be phoning in questions? It is going to be you! 'N Sync for the hour -- next on LARRY KING LIVE!

...KING: Are all of you religious?

BASS: I'm very religious.

(CROSSTALK) KIRKPATRICK: Yes, we're all very religious. We've all grown up around religion, I think. You know, I'm Lutheran.

FATONE: I'm Catholic.

KING: Joey's Catholic.

TIMBERLAKE: I wouldn't -- I think the term for me would be more spiritual than religious. I think I...

KIRKPATRICK: What [religion] are you, J.C.?

CHASEZ: I'm a Christian -- Mennonite, but...

BASS: Christian. I think God has definitely been a part of our career. I mean that is -- I mean, a huge part of our career.

KING: Do you feel like he is watching over you?

BASS: Definitely. Definitely.


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