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The Religious Affiliation of
John Belushi
Actor, Comedian

John Belushi was actively involved in the Albanian Orthodox Church (a semi-autonomous branch of Eastern Orthodoxy) as a child. His wife, Judith Jack Belushi wrote that John Belushi always spoke fondly of the Albanian Orthodox Church. John missed his connection to this church when his family moved to the suburbs. Judith had been impressed at the Albanian Orthodox ceremonies she witnessed when she and her husband had attended his grandmother's funeral. She arranged for John Belushi's funeral to be an Albanian Orthodox service as well, and was pleased with the service. [Source: Judith Jack Belushi, Samurai Widow, Carroll & Graf Publishers: New York (1990), page 16.]

While talking with fellow entertainers John Belushi, Louis Malle and John Guare, Aykroyd observed that he, Malle and Guare (as well as Adele Guare) had all been raised as Catholics. "John [Belushi] said he had been Albanian Orthodox." Aykroyd said they were all "fallen Catholics." [Source: Bob Woodward, Wired: The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi, Simon and Schuster: New York (1984), page 226.]

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