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The Religious Affiliation of U.S. Congressman
Rep. James Bunn

From: "Congressional Races - Oregon District 5", in "All Politics" section of CNN.com website (http://cgi.cnn.com/ALLPOLITICS/1996/candidates/election.guide/text/OR05.shtml; viewed 1 December 2005):
Jim Bunn (R)
District 5 (Willamette Valley, Pacific Coast--Salem; Corvallis)
BORN: Dec. 12, 1956, McMinnville
EDUCATION: Chemeketa Community College, A.A., 1977; Northwest Nazarene College, B.A., 1979
FAMILY: Wife, Sonja Skurdal; five children
RELIGION: Nazarene
MILITARY: National Guard Reserve, 1987-93
POLITICAL CAREER: Oregon Senate, 1987-95; U.S. House, 1994-

Taking office in 1994, the conservative Bunn was antiabortion, supported term limits and campaign-finance reform. But he refused to sign the Contract with America because it would cut off aid to unwed mothers under 18, which he believes would encourage abortion. He earned only a 12% rating from the League of Conservation Voters this year, and his support for cutting in old-growth forests has raised tempers in liberal enclaves like Corvallis.

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