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The Religious Affiliation of
Greg Bear
popular science fiction author

Greg Bear: Bear is well-known for writing "hard" science fiction and for masterfully incorporating religion into much of his fiction. Actively religious people as well as non-believers have been portrayed three-dimensionally, and Bear's future histories imagine many of today's religions thriving long into the future. Greg Bear's official web site posted the following answer he gave to a correspondent (Soren Elmerdahl Hemmingson) on 6/8/200 regarding his religious beliefs:
My religious beliefs are hardly settled--I do believe in God, but leave wide open his (or its) character. I will say that the relationship is not one so much of master or lord to servant, but of friends--but who knows it that will change under the influence of some tragedy! A peaceful life does not give complete insight into God's nature. I do believe that the scientific quest, seeking explanation for things without invoking God's intervention, is enormously fruitful for now. Whether this technique or discipline will explain all is not knowable at present, of course.

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