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The Religious Affiliation of Actor
Gary Busey

Academy Award-nominated film actor Gary Busey has frequently identified himself a Christian.

From: http://www.naplesfl.net/~gobedo/busey.htm (6 April 2001 version of page viewed via archive.org):

"I'm very happy with the way my career is resurging since my OD [overdose on drugs] on May 3rd. I am proud to say I am nine months clean and sober with God, with the program of 12 steps, is my first priority."
--Gary Busey, on his new addiction to 12-step rograms.

The Academy Award-nominated actor, whom Howard Stern labeled "Gary Abusey," stars in the new movie, Black Sheep with Chris Farley and David Spade.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1996
Okay, it was probably not the first time actor Gary Busey hadn't listened to his mother. What with the life he has led--the near-fatal 1988 motorcycle accident, alcoholism, cocaine addiction and rehab--Ginny Busey, 74, thought her son should just skip the drama and elope. Instead, the Oscar-nominated star of The Buddy Holly Story and Tiani Warden, 29, a former stuntwoman from Dallas, surrounded themselves with more than 250 guests, 12 attendants and a 40-member church choir in a Dallas symphony hall modeled after the great opera houses of Europe. "I'm 52, but I'm just starting my life over," said Busey, who was so eager to get his bride to the altar that he ran down the aisle to meet her. "Tiani is a blessing. I feel very safe with her."

The newly sober (he for 16 months, she for 10) rededicated Christians, who make their home in Malibu, served no alcohol at the reception but spirits rose when butterflies were released as the couple escaped into their limo. "We are taking it one step at a time and praying," said Tiani of the union (the second for each). Busey, meanwhile, proved he has mastered at least one important marital concept. "Know what the two most important words are? 'Yes, dear.'"

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