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The Religious Affiliation of U.S. Congressman
Rep. Dan Burton
a member of the East 91st Street Christian Church,
a Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement megachurch

Official government bios list Rep. Dan Burton variously as "Christian" and "Protestant."

The Indianapolis Star (21 February 2001, http://www2.indystar.com/library/factfiles/people/b/burton_dan/burton.html) published a bio with the following note: "Religion: Born-again Christian; member of East 91st Street Christian Church." Burton's church (http://www.east91st.org/) is rather opaque about its affiliation, but it does have a page (http://www.east91st.org/content/restoration_movement.aspx) identifying it as part of the Stone-Campbell Restoration movement, indicating that it is affiliated with the "East 91st Street Christian Church," is part of the Stone-Campbell Restoration movement, and is thus part of one of the 3 major Stone-Campbell denominations, most likely the "Christian Churches and Churches of Christ" (i.e., "Christian Church and Churches of Christ" or "Christian Churches/Churches of Christ", which is often abbreviated "CC/CC") group. The website of the Emmanuel School of Religion (http://www.esr.edu/), which is associated with the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, has over a dozen articles about Burton's church, the East 91st Street Christian Church. Burton's church is listed on the "Restoration Movement Links" webpage at: http://members.tripod.com/the_rim. The Council on Christian Unity - the ecumenical office of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) reported (http://www.disciples.org/ccu/news/052404-2.htm):

A special event took place in Indianapolis on Sunday evening, April 25 [2004], at East 91st Street Christian Church involving members of local congregations from the three streams in a "Celebration of our Heritage". Presentations were made by Newell Williams (Disciples), Doug Foster (Churches of Christ), and Paul Blowers (Christian Churches/Churches of Christ) about the meaning and impact of the Last Will and Testament... that launched the Stone-Campbell Movement in 1804 in Cane Ridge, Kentucky. Attendance at this program was 285 persons coming from each of the three churches in approximately equal numbers.

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