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The Religious Affiliation of
Wayne Allard
U.S. Senator from Colorado

Wayne Allard is a Republican U.S. Senator from Colorado. He has been serving in the U.S. Senate since January 1997. Allard previously worked full time as a veterinarian.

Allard is a Protestant. His official congressional bio does not specify which church or denomination he belongs to.

From: mynym (author of the "Into Good and Evil" blog at http://mynym.blogspot.com/), posted on 24 April 2005 to the "Religious Moderation Killed by Nuclear Option" discussion page on "The Blinne Blog" website (http://www.blinne.org/blog/2005/04/religious_moder.html; viewed 4 November 2005):

I very much want the Church to be the conscience of the nation. Just being religious should not bar you from public service. For example, Senator Wayne Allard is a member of my local church. That being said, note what my pastor said this morning when he alluded to the current political conflict.

"On the right, we have politicians calling judges tools of the devil. How is that respecting those in authority? On the left, I saw a murderous bumber sticker calling for the death of the President. How is that not hate speech?"

He went on to discuss how integrity in speech did not merely advance an agenda through political rhetoric but was concerned with the truth.

As Christians, we are to have integrity and honor. Empty political rhetoric dillutes the authority of the church. Politicians will seek our votes and court us for their polical agendas. I have no problem with that. In fact, I happen to agree with Senator Frist on this particular issue. But, when the rhetoric gets so red hot that it poisons the public discourse, we need to take notice and do something to lower the temperature.

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