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The Religious Affiliation of
Poul Anderson
popular science fiction author

Poul Anderson: Peter Edman's list classified Anderson as an agnostic with a Christian background. Soon after Anderson's death, SimoneM (8/3/01) categorized Anderson an "agnostic libertarian with with a relatively benign attitude towards Christianity, especially Catholicism." His funeral service was held at the Oakland Unitarian Church, which doesn't necessarily mean anything.

In "Religion in the fiction of Poul Anderson" (Radio Free Thulcandra, issue 16, 1989), Glenn T. McDavid writes:

Christianity is an important part of western history, which Anderson's fiction draws on extensively. Whatever Anderson's own views may be (Miesel describes him as an agnostic. Against Time's Arrow, p. 11) his fiction agrees with the traditional Christian view of the ultimate fate of the physical universe. Christians are called upon to show love in the world, which is also the response of Anderson's best characters... Religious believers, especially Christians, are so often treated favorably by Anderson because their response to the world, when true to their beliefs, agrees with his.

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