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The Religious Affiliation of U.S. Congressman
Rep. Neil Abercrombie

Unlike most other congressmen, Neil Abercrombie's religious affiliation is left unspecified in his official congressional bio.

From: Nelson Daranciang, "Hopefuls for U.S. House face off: Abercrombie and Tanonaka are both driven by service" in Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 24 October 2004 (http://starbulletin.com/2004/10/24/news/story6.html):

Abercrombie... says the prejudice he experienced and witnessed growing up steered him toward a career in public service and continues to drive him. "I was a haole [white] kid on the mainland. But I was a Protestant in a Catholic city. I first learned about prejudice through religion, something that not everybody necessarily understands," said Abercrombie, who was born in Buffalo, New York.

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