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The Religious Affiliation of Performance Artist
Laurie Anderson

Performance artist Laurie Anderson was raised in the Stone-Campbell religious body known as the "Churches of Christ" (individual congregations are typically identified as a "church of Christ"). Laurie Anderson now identifies herself as a Buddhist.

Laurie Anderson is one of 14 celebrity Buddhists assessed in Armstrong's article "Celebrities who are Buddhists... with an assessment of the degree Buddhism is a part of each of their careers." Laurie Anderson was ranked 4th highest on the list in terms of the proportion of web hits (google.com: 1.6%) and current news article hits (news.google.com: 2.7%) mentioning her which also contain either the word "Buddhism" or "Buddhist." From: Tom Armstrong, "Celebrities who are Buddhists... with an assessment of the degree Buddhism is a part of each of their careers", 8 March 2005 in Zen Unbound Emagazine (http://www.zenunbound.com/celebbuds.html; viewed 18 August 2005):

Gere, Seagal, Anderson, and Cohen each allow Buddhism to be a big part of their persona.
From: Julia Milton, "Famous women who happen to be Buddhist... or, famous Buddhists who happen to be women" webpage, last amended on 1 January 2001, on "Women Active in Buddhism (WAiB)" website (http://members.tripod.com/~Lhamo/13famou.htm; viewed 18 August 2005):
Performance artist Laurie Anderson has such a following that there is even a newsgroup dedicated to her! The group's FAQ says: "Laurie Anderson is perhaps one of the most significant artists of this century; a poet, writer, visual artist, sculor and social commentator, she is perhaps best known as a recording artist, one whose technical wizardry and live shows have earned her a reputation as one of the most eccentric performers in the business." To learn more, consult HomePAGE of the Brave: Laurie Anderson [http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~jimmyd/laurie-anderson/] or check out her 1994 interview with Wired Magazine [http://www.wired.com/wired/archive//2.03/anderson.html?person=laurie_anderson&topic_set=wiredpeople]. See also Adrienne Redd's interview with her in "The Speed of Darkness" [http://www.hear.com/hollow/feature/anderson.html].

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