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The Religious Affiliation of
St. Augustine

Augustine's mother Monica (Saint Monica) was a devout Christian and his father Patricius was a traditional Greco-Roman pagan throughout most of his life. As a youth Augustine was a member of the Manichaean religion. Augustine later embraced Christianity and became one of history's most important Christian philosophers.

From: Peter Thompson, Jack Nicholson: The Life and Times of an Actor on the Edge, Birch Lane Press/Carol Publishing Group: Secaucus, New Jersey (1997), page 30:

Twenty yards short of the statue of St. Monica on the Pacific seafront, a black Mercedes limousine slowed to a halt outside 100 Wilshire Boulevard... Standing in the shadow between two palm trees and set against a curtaino sea fog was the diminutive figure of a woman who had given the city its name.

Legend had it that St. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine, had converted her pagan husband to Christianity through the power of prayer just a year before his death, thus saving his soul from damnation.

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