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Sculptors are listed here primarily because they are listed most frequently in various lists of the world's greatest sculptors. In addition, some sculptors are listed here because they are among the world's most popular sculptors, or are sculptors of works which are particularly well known.

Artist's Name Representative Work Birth Place Years Born-Died Religious Affiliation
Antoine Louis Barye Rearing Bull with Tiger Paris, France 1796-1875  
Leonard Baskin Roosevelt Memorial bas-relief, Washington DC. New Brunswick, New Jersey 1922-2000 Jewish
Gianlorenzo Bernini David (1623-1624) Naples, Italy 1598-1680 Catholic
Gutzon Borglum Mount Rushmore St. Charles, Idaho 1867-1941 Latter-day Saint
Constantin Brancusi Bird in Space Hobita, Gorj, Romania 1876-1957  
Jean Baptiste Carpeaux La Dance, Paris Opera (1869) Valenciennes, France 1827-1875 Catholic
Benevenuto Cellini Hercules and the Nemean Lion Florence, Italy 1500-1571 Catholic; occult
Jo Davidson Charles S. "Charlie" Chaplin bust (1925) New York City 1883-1952 Jewish
Donatello Equestrian Monument of Gattamelata (1445-1450) Florence, Italy 1386-1466 Catholic
Giambologna (Jean Boulogne) La Archetectura Douai, Flanders (France) 1529-1608 Catholic
Jacob Epstein St Michael's Victory over the Devil, Coventry Cathedral (1958) New York City 1880-1959 Jewish
Adolfo Perez Esquivel (Nobel Peace Prize winner) Buenos Aires, Argentina 1931- Catholic
Avard Fairbanks Lincoln the Frontiersman Provo, Utah 1897-1987 Latter-day Saint
Helaman Ferguson From Zero to Infinity in Nothing Flat (2003) Salt Lake City, Utah ? Latter-day Saint
Paul Granlund Charles A. Lindbergh: The Boy and the Man (1985) Minneapolis, Minnesota 1925-2003 Lutheran
Rube Goldberg "Rube Goldberg machines" San Francisco, Calif. 1883-1970 Jewish
Jean Goujon Monument to Louis de Breze (1940) Bologna, Italy 1510-1565 Catholic
Eva Hesse Sans II (1968) Hamburg, Germany 1936-1970 Jewish
Sol LeWitt Four-Sided Pyramid (1997) Hartford, Connecticut 1928- Jewish
Jacques Lipchitz Birth of the Muses, 1944-1950 Druskininkai, Lithuania 1891-1973 Jewish
Michelangelo David (1504) Caprese, Tuscany, Italy 1475-1564 Catholic
Amedeo Modigliani Head (1911) Livorno, Tuscany, Italy 1884-1920 Jewish
Henry Moore Reclining Figure (1951) Castleford, England 1898-1986  
Louise Nevelson Transparent Horizon (1975) Kiev, Ukraine 1900-1988 Jewish
Francesco Primaticcio tomb of Henry II, St. Denis Bologna, Italy 1504-1570 Catholic
Jacopo della Quercia Fonte Gaia (1408-1419) Siena, Italy 1374-1438 Catholic
Robert Rauschenberg Odalisk (1955/1958) Port Arthur, Texas 1925- Jewish; Church of Christ (lapsed)
Auguste Rodin The Thinker (1880) Paris, France 1840-1917  
Francois Rude Departure of the Volunteers of 1792 ("La Marseillaise"), 1833-36 Dijon, France 1784-1855 Catholic
Bertha Saveniers Lazarus (1985) Borgerhout, Belgium 1936- Seventh-day Adventist
George Segal Bus Riders (1962) New York City 1924-2000 Jewish
Richard Serra Fulcrum (1987) San Francisco, Calif. 1939- half-Jewish
Bertel Thorvaldsen Christus (1821) Copenhagen, Denmark 1770-1844 Lutheran


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