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Religious Affiliation of the World's
Greatest Artists

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Artists are listed here primarily because they are listed most frequently in various lists of the world's greatest artists. In addition, some artists are listed here because they are among the world's most popular artists. In addition to lists of the most historically influential and artistically great artists, lists of artist whose prints are most frequently searched for and purchased have also been consulted. Cassius Coolidge, Thomas Kinkade and Rene Magritte, for example, are certainly not considered as influential or as artistically brilliant as Michelangelo or Rembrandt, but their works are highly sought after and prints of their paintings typically sell better than many painters considered historically more important.

Artist's Name Sample Birth Place Years Born-Died Religious Affiliation
Harry Anderson art by Harry Anderson Chicago, Illinois 1906-1996 Seventh-day Adventist
Fernando Botero art by Fernando Botero Medellin, Columbia 1932- Catholic
Sandro Botticelli art by Sandro Botticelli Florence, Italy 1444-1510 Catholic
Georges Braque art by Georges Braque Argenteuil-sur-Seine, France 1882-1963 ?
Henri-Robert Bresil art by Henri-Robert Bresil Gonaives, Haiti 1952- Latter-day Saint
Jan Brueghel the Elder art by Jan Brueghel the Elder Brussels, Belgium 1568-1625 ?
Caravaggio (Michelangelo da Merisi) art by Caravaggio (Michelangelo da Merisi) Caravaggio, Italy 1573-1610 Catholic
Paul Cezanne art by Paul Cezanne Aix-en-Provence, France 1839-1906 Catholic
Marc Chagall art by Marc Chagall Vitebsk, Belarus 1887-1985 Jewish
James C. Christensen art by James C. Christensen Culver City, California 1942- Latter-day Saint
Chris Consani art by Chris Consani Ottawa, Canada 1951- ?
Cassius Coolidge art by Cassius Coolidge upstate New York 1844-1934 Quaker
Lucas Cranach the Elder art by Lucas Cranach the Elder Cronach, Upper Franconia, Germany 1472-1553 Lutheran
Salvador Dali art by Salvador Dali Figueras, Catalonia, Spain 1904-1989 Catholic
Edgar Degas art by Edgar Degas Paris, France 1834-1917 Catholic
Francisco De Goya art by Francisco De Goya Fuendetodos, Spain 1746-1828 Catholic
Eugene Delacroix art by Eugene Delacroix Saint-Maurice-en-Chalencon, Ardeche, France 1798-1863 Catholic
Albrecht Durer art by Albrecht Durer Nuremberg, Germany 1471-1528 Catholic
Arnold Friberg art by Arnold Friberg Winnetka, Illinois 1913- Latter-day Saint
Paul Gauguin art by Paul Gauguin Paris, France 1848-1903 Theosophist
Huang Gongwang art by Huang Gongwang Jiangsu, China 1269-1354 Taoist
Edward Hicks art by Edward Hicks Bucks County, Pennsylvania 1780-1849 Quaker
George Inness art by George Inness Newburgh, New York 1825-1894 Swedenborgian
Frida Kahlo art by Frida Kahlo Coyoacan, Mexico City, Mexico 1907-1954 Jewish Catholic
Margaret Keane art by Margaret Keane Tennessee 1927- Jehovah's Witness
Wassily Kandinsky art by Wassily Kandinsky Moscow, Russia 1866-1944 Theosophist
Thomas Kinkade art by Thomas Kinkade Sacramento, California 1958- Nazarene
Paul Klee art by Paul Klee Munchenbuchsee, Switzerland 1879-1940 ?
Gustav Klimt art by Gustav Klimt Baumgarten, Austria 1862-1918 ?
Rene Magritte art by Rene Magritte Lessines, Belgium 1898-1967 ?
Edouard Manet art by Edouard Manet Paris, France 1832-1883 Catholic
Henri Matisse art by Henri Matisse Le Cateau-Cambresis, France 1869-1954 Catholic
Michelangelo art by Michelangelo Caprese, Tuscany, Italy 1475-1564 Catholic
Joan Miro art by Joan Miro Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain 1893-1983 Catalan
Amedeo Modigliani art by Amedeo Modigliani Livorno, Tuscany 1884-1920 Jewish
Piet Mondrian art by Piet Mondrian Amersfoort, The Netherlands 1872-1944 Theosophist
Claude Monet art by Claude Monet Paris, France 1840-1926 "non-religious"
Edvard Munch art by Edvard Munch Loten, Norway 1863-1944 raised Lutheran; later Spiritualism, Pantheism
Georgia O'Keeffe art by Georgia O'Keeffe Sun Prairie, Wisconsin 1887-1986 Episcopalian (nominal)
William Page art by William Page Albany, New York 1811-1885 Swedenborgian
Pablo Picasso art by Pablo Picasso Malaga, Spain 1881-1973 Catholic
Jackson Pollock art by Jackson Pollock Cody, Wyoming 1912-1956 said Native American ritual was his inspiration
Raphael art by Raphael Urbino, Italy 1483-1520 Catholic
Man Ray art by Man Ray Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1890-1976 Jewish
Rembrandt van Rijn art by Rembrandt van Rijn Leiden, The Netherlands 1606-1669 Dutch Reformed
Pierre-Auguste Renoir art by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Limoges, Haute-Vienne, France 1841-1919 Catholic
Diego Rivera art by Diego Rivera Guanajuato, Mexico 1886-1957 Jewish Catholc (Converso); atheist
Norman Rockwell art by Norman Rockwell New York City 1894-1978 Episcopalian (lapsed)
Dante Gabriel Rossetti art by Norman Rockwell London, England 1828-1882 Anglican
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth art by Ed Big Daddy Roth Beverly Hills, California 1932-2001 Latter-day Saint
Mark Rothko art by Mark Rothko Daugavpils (Dvinsk), Russia (now Latvia) 1903-1970 Jewish
Peter Paul Rubens art by Peter Paul Rubens Siegen, Westphalia (Flemish) 1577-1640 Catholic
LeConte Stewart art by LeConte Stewart Glenwood, Utah 1891-1990 Latter-day Saint
Minerva Teichert art by Minerva Teichert North Ogden, Utah 1888-1976 Latter-day Saint
Titian (Tiziano Vecelli) art by Titian (Tiziano Vecelli) Pieve di Cadore (Veneto), Italy 1490-1576 Catholic
Mark Tobey art by Mark Tobey Centerville, Wisconsin 1890-1976 Baha'i
Vincent Van Gogh art by Vincent Van Gogh Zundert, The Netherlands 1853-1890 Dutch Reformed (one-time evangelist)
Jan Vermeer art by Jan Vermeer Delft, The Netherlands 1632-1675 Dutch Reformed; Catholic
Leonardo da Vinci art by Leonardo da Vinci Vinci, Italy 1452-1519 Catholic
Andy Warhol art by Andy Warhol Cleveland, Ohio 1930-1987 Catholic
Benjamin West art by Benjamin West Springfield (Swarthmore), Pennsylvania 1738-1820 Quaker

Artists listed in: Kathleen Krull,
Lives of the Artists: Masterpieces, Messes (and What the Neighbors Thought), Harcourt Brace & Company (1995):

Leonardo da Vinci Anchiano, Italy 1452-1519
Michelangelo Buonarroti Caprese, Italy 1475-1564
Peter Bruegel Netherlands 1525?-1569
Sofonisba Anguissola Cremona, Italy 1532-1625
Rembrandt van Rijn Leiden, Holland 1606-1669
Katsushika Hokusai Edo, Japan 1760-1849
Mary Cassatt Allegheny City, Pennsylvania 1845-1926
Vincent van Gogh Groot-Zundert, Holland 1853-1890
Kathe Kollwitz Konigsberg, East Prussia 1867-1945
Henri Matisse La Cateau-Cambresis, France 1869-1954
Pablo Picasso Malaga, Spain 1881-1973
Marc Chagall Pestkovatik, Russia 1887-1985
Marcel Duchamp Blainville, France 1887-1968
Georgia O'Keeffe Sun Prairie, Wisconsin 1887-1986
William H. Johnson Florence, South Carolina 1901-1970
Salvador Dali Figueras, Spain 1904-1989
Isamu Noguchi Los Angeles, California 1904-1988
Diego Rivera Guanajuato, Mexico 1886-1957
Frida Kahlo Coyoacan, Mexico 1907-1954
Andy Warhol Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1928-1987


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