The Scottish 100:
Portraits of History's Most Influential Scots

The list below is from the book The Scottish 100: Portraits of History's Most Influential Scots, Carroll & Graf Publishers (2000), written by Duncan A. Bruce.

One hundred short biographies celebrate seven centuries of Scottish and world history, in a reference that features profiles of Robert the Bruce, John Paul Jones, John Knox, Andrew Carnegie, and Alexander Graham Bell.

Note that the people in this book are not ranked relative to each other. The biographies are simply grouped by category.

Robert Adam(1728-1792)
Charles Rennie Mackintosh(1868-1928)
Allan Ramsay and Henry Raeburn(1713-1784, 1756-1823)
Mary Cassatt(1844-1926)
Alexander Calder(1898-1976)
Jackson Pollock(1912-1956)
William Paterson(1658-1719)
John Law(1671-1729)
William Jardine and James Matheson(1784-1843, 1796-1878)
Andrew Carnegie(1835-1919)Presbyterian
Thomas Blake Glover(1838-1911)
Elizabeth Arden(1878-1966)
Donald Douglas(1892-1981)Anglican
Thomas J. Watson and Thomas J. Watson, Jr.(1874-1956, 1914-1993)
Sean Connery(1930-)Catholic
John Muir(1838-1914)
Rachel Carson(1907-1964)Environmentalist
Robert R. Livingston(1746-1813)?
James Watt(1736-1819)Presbyterian
Willam Murdoch(1754-1839)
William Symington(1764-1831)
Kirkpatrick Macmillan(1813-1878)
Sanford Fleming(1827-1915)
Alexander Graham Bell(1847-1922)Unitarian/Universalist
Thomas A. Edison(1847-1931)Congregationalist; agnostic
Guglielmo Marconi(1874-1937)Catholic; Anglican
John Logie Baird(1888-1946)
Robert Watson-Watt(1892-1973)
Henry Sinclair (d. c. 1400)
James Cook (Captain Cook)(1728-1779)Anglican
Alexander Mackenzie(1764-1820)
David Livingstone(1813-1873)Calvinist
William Stephenson(1896-1989)
James Gordon Bennett and James Gordon Bennett(1795-1872, 1841-1918)
Lila Acheson Wallace and De Witt Wallace(1889-1984, 1889-1981)
Rupert Murdoch(1931-)Jewish and/or Catholic and/or Presbyterian
James Wilson(1742-1798)Episcopalian
John Marshall(1755-1835)Episcopalian
James Macpherson(1736-1796)
Robert Burns(1759-1796)unitarian (unofficial)
Walter Scott (Sir Walter Scott)(1771-1832)Anglican
Washington Irving(1783-1859)
George Gordon Byron (Lord Byron)(1788-1824)atheist
Thomas Carlyle(1795-1881)Swedenborgian
Edgar Allan Poe(1809-1849)
Robert Louis Stevenson(1850-1894)Presbyterian
William Hunter and John Hunter(1718-1783, 1728-1793)
Ronald Ross(1857-1932)
John J. R. Macleod and Frederick Grant Banting(1876-1935, 1891-1941)
Alexander Fleming(1881-1955)
Ian Donald, Allan MacLeod Cormack,
and James M. S. Hutchison
(1910-1987, 1924-1998, 1940-)
William Wallace (c. 1270-1305)Catholic
Robert Bruce (King Robert I)(1274-1329)
John Hepburn (c. 1589-1636)
John Paul Jones(1747-1792)
Mikhail Andreas Bogdanovich Barchlay de Tolly(1761-1818)
Winfield Scott(1786-1866)
Thomas Cochrane (Lord Dundonald)(1775-1860)
Ulysses Simpson Grant(1822-1885)Presbyterian (nominal)
Douglas MacArthur(1880-1964)
Stephen Foster(1826-1864)
Edvard Grieg(1843-1907)Unitarian
Martha Graham(1894-1991)
Joan Sutherland(1926-)
Francis Hutcheson(1694-1746)
David Hume(1711-1776)Church of Scotland (Presbyterian); Deist
Thomas Reid(1710-1796)
Adam Smith(1723-1790)Liberal Protestant
Immanuel Kant(1724-1804)Lutheran; Pietist
John Stuart Mill(1806-1873)agnostic; Utilitarian
Michael Scot and John Duns Scotus(1175?-1235?, c. 1265-1308)Catholic
John Knox (c. 1514-1572)Presbyterian
Mary Stuart (Mary Queen of Scots)(1542-1587)Catholic
James Stewart (King James VI & I)(1566-1625)
Patrick Gordon(1635-1699)
Robert Dinwiddie(1693-1770)
Patrick Henry(1736-1799)Episcopalian
Alexander Hamilton(1755-1804)Episcopalian
Lachlan Macquarie(1761-1824)
Andrew Jackson(1767-1845)Presbyterian
Sam Houston(1793-1863)
James Knox Polk(1795-1849)Presbyterian
William Ewart Gladstone(1809-1898)
James Bruce (8th Earl of Elgin)(1811-1863)
James Andrew Broun Ramsay (Lord Dalhousie)(1812-1860)
John A. Macdonald(1815-1891)Anglican
Allan Octavian Hume(1829-1912)
Arthur James Balfour(1848-1930)
John Napier(1550-1617)Calvinist
James Hutton(1726-1797)
Joseph Black(1728-1799)
Joseph Henry(1797-1878)Presbyterian
William Thomson (Lord Kelvin)(1824-1907)Anglican
James Clerk Maxwell(1831-1879)Presbyterian; Anglican; Baptist
William Ramsay(1852-1916)
Joseph J. Thomson(1856-1940)
Ernest Rutherford (Lord Rutherford)(1871-1937)
Mary Leakey(1913-1996)
James D. Watson(1928-)
James Naismith(1861-1939)


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